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Director : Lisa Barros D'Sa & Glen Layburn

D.O.P :     Piers MacGrail

Producer : Gina Carter

Moonage Pictures for Nettflix

Shot On Location in London and Paris with the hero flat  and a section of the stairs and landing built  in Twickenham studios

The Responder

Director : Tim Mielants,Fien Troch,Philip Barantini

D.O.P : Johan Aidt ,Mathew Lewis

Producer : Rebecca Ferguson,Barrington Robinson

BBC and Dancing Ledge.

Shot on Location in Liverpool


Director : SJ Clarkson

D.O.P: Balazs Bolygo

Producer : Mark Prybus

BBC and Netflix.

Shot on Location in London with a big on-site build for the police Station.

New Blood

Director : Anthony Philipson , Bill Eagles.

D.O.P : Rasmus Arrildit, Mike Spragg

Producer : Eve Guterez.


Shot On Location In London with additional Builds for the Scenes in the Oil Tanker

The Hollow Crown II

Director : Dominic Cooke

D.O.P : Zac Nicholson

Producer : Rupert Ryle Hodges

BBC /Neal Street

Shot on Location around the Uk with a large on-site set build for Westminster hall and  studio set builds for Richards subterranian Lair, and the Queens Bed chamber.


Director :  Adrian Shergold

D.O.P : Tony Slater Ling

Producer : Chris Clough

ITV Studios.

Shot on Location in London - the main House was a top to bottom paint , paper and re-dress with the addition of a built Kitchen in the basement.

Burton and Taylor

Director :  Richard Laxton

D.O.P :      David Katznelson

Producer : Lachlan MacKinnion 

Film Four.

Set in New York in 1983 when Burton and Taylor famously agreed to  to play the lead roles in "Private Lives" 

Shot on Location in London with a studio build of the dressing rooms and the set for Private Lives  shot in Richmond Theatre.


Director   : S.J Clarkson,
Alrick Riley,James Strong,Daniel Percival
DOP : Balazs Bolygo

Producer : Eliza Mellor and Alison Jackson .
BBC Kudos , Big Light Productions

Shot on Location in London and Scotland
with set builds for Attic room, police interview room and main intel office. plus a few other smaller sets .



Director :  James Kent

D.O.P :      Lukas Strebel

Producer : Chrissy Skins

ITV Studios

Set Predominately  in one house over three time periods . 1960's ,1980's and present day. 

Him & Her

Director : Richard Laxton

D.O.P : Richard Mott

Producer : Kenton Allen


All shot on a set built in West London Film Studios. 

The Last Enemy

Director : Iain B MacDonald

D.O.P : Nigel Willoughby

Producer : Gub Neal


Shot on Location in London  with large set builds of Interior Whitehall, hero flat and surveilance rooms in Castle studios in Romania.

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