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The Responder

Director : Tim Mielants,Fien Troch,Philip Barantini

D.O.P : Johan Aidt ,Mathew Lewis

Producer : Rebecca Ferguson,Barrington Robinson

BBC and Dancing Ledge


Director : SJ Clarkson

D.O.P: Balazs Bolygo

Producer : Mark Prybus

BBC and Netflix

New Blood

Director : Anthony Philipson , Bill Eagles.

D.O.P : Rasmus Arrildit, Mike Spragg

Producer : Eve Guterez.


The Hollow Crown II

Director : Dominic Cooke

D.O.P : Zac Nicholson

Producer : Rupert Ryle Hodges

BBC /Neal Street

Director   : Adrian Shergold
Producer : Chris Clough.
ITV Studios 
Burton and Taylor 
Director   : Richard Laxton 
DOP :  David Katznelson
Producer : Lachlan Mackinnon
BBC Film 4
Director   : S.J Clarkson,
Alrick Riley,James Strong,Daniel Percival
DOP : Balazs Bolygo

Producer : Eliza Mellor and Alison Jackson .
BBC Kudos , Big Light Productions
Director:  James Kent 
DOP : Lukas Strebel
Producer: Chrissy Skins
Set in the same house over three time periods.
1960's 1980's and modern day.
Him and Her
Director : Richard Laxton
DOP : Richard Mott

The Last Enemy
Director :  Ian B MacDonald
DOP : Nigel Willoughby
Producer : Gub Neal
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